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Why Special?

  • OPC 53 is a special grade tapee that is made from high-quality raw materials to ensure the highest strength.

  • It has superior fineness and is designed to meet the highest standards of performance.

  • The Tapee special is suitable for applications that require superior strength and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

  • It has a low coefficient of friction, making it ideal for use in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

  • It has highest 28 days strength thus lower cement consumption in design mix concrete.

  • TAPEE SPECIAL OPC 53 is the perfect choice for your toughest applications requiring the highest strength and super fineness.

Construction Work

Special Tapee (OPC) 53 Grade

Special Tapee cement is the most ideal cement for following applications:

  • General rcc work in all kind of construction.

  • Paving Blocks

  • All construction in coastal area.

  • Sub-soil construction and structures in hostile environments with high salinity, moisture and harmful chemical agents.

  • Mass pcc works.

  • Effluent and sewage treatment plants.

  • Culverts and drains.

  • Waterproofing works.

  • Grouts & mortar

  • Underground concrete work like foundations, aqueducts

  • Canals and flyovers.

  • Mass concreting work like dams, canals, spillways

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